They Said 2009
31 December, 2009
Soonie, Penang
Hi Candice , Thank you very much... Its been a pleasure becos of your personal touch! I will remember 2 order from you again next time...Wishing you a happy & Prosperous New Year 2010.

10 December, 2009
Su Hui, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice , Thank you so much for your excellent flowers. I m so happy with it.....Pls do join us if you are available tonight...Many thanks again...

19 November, 2009
Reita Kanan, UK
Dear Candice Thanks for the delivery of the flowers. My mum thought they were lovely and made her day! Many thanks.Kinds regards Reita Kanan

11 November, 2009
Ms Yap, Gombak
Very Beautiful ! I like them...Thanks a lot Candice.

10 November, 2009
Mrs Lee, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Mrs Lee here. Thank you very much for the lovely flowers. Appreciate your great service. May God bless you and your business always. Regards, Mrs Lee.

25 October, 2009
Soon Jing, Australia
Hi Candice, Thanks for the smooth transaction. You guys are great people with great service! For your information, this is the second I'm ordering the flower from you guys. And its as smooth as usual. Love to deal with you guys and will definitely recommend Petal bees to my peers. SoonJing

22 October, 2009
John, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, flowers arrived and are very beautiful..thank you so much..

17 October, 2009
Shantini, Klang
Hi Candice, Wow! the flowers really nice...You certainly know what I want...the flowers displayed for Deepavali at my hall. Very Pretty...Thank you so much...: )

1 October, 2009
Evelyn, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The roses looked so lovely..Thank you very much for your assistance Candice.

25 September, 2009
Vicky, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, I would like to express my appreciation and sincere thanks to you for your friendly services, efforts and assistants its met customer expectation. And I am really happy with your services (:p..Will come back to you in future if i had any needs and will recommend to my friends as well.
Good Job.
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards, Vicky

18 September, 2009
Siew, UK
Thanks Candice. Your kind assistance is much appreciated. You too all the best and May your business prosperous

17 September, 2009
Jane, Singapore
Good morning Candice,
It is beautiful...Thank you for your superb service.

3 September, 2009
Syalinda, Kuala Lumpur
Good morning Candice,
The flowers are so beautiful and very nice...hope this surprise give best moment in my anniversary. Thank you very much : )

2 September, 2009
Maria, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice,
My friend Wong is delighted with the flowers, They certainly brighten up her room. and hopefully her heart too. I love them too. And the cookies look absolutely pretty. Thanks very very very much.

31 August, 2009
Shyama, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks a bunch Candice for your great service.. Will keep you in mind the next time I need flowers. Have a nice day ! : )

23 August, 2009
Tai, Melaka
Dear Candice,
Thank you very much for making this flawless arrangement.
My wife loves the flowers. ;-), Regards, Tai

20 August, 2009
Mr Chen, Singapore
Hi Candice,
Thanks for your great service. I saw the picture, it's a good choice and very nice packaging. =)

13 August, 2009
Mathew, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,
Thank you for your effort. The flowers are so nice and sweet....She is so so hapi....Keep up the good work ! Will contact you again soon....:)-

4 August, 2009
Shanti, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,
Thank you for the good job. My friend absolutely love the flowers and fruits basket that you sent.....till then..cheers Shanti :)-

25, July, 2009
Mohamed Fariu, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Nasha got the flowers and she loved it very much. thank you very much for your help. and if its not much trouble, can you please email me the picture of the orchids. thanks again,, gratefully appreciate your help :)

24, July, 2009
Janet Wong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Wow ! I love the flowers, it is so pretty and my friend love it so much. Candice- you are amazing..Many thanks for the beautiful work, and very PROMPT service and thank you VERY much...wi be back!!!

17, July, 2009
Pei Pei, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Received d is very nice bouquet. Thank you very much for your great service.

26 June, 2009
Dwight, Hong Kong
Hi Candice, Kristy received the flowers and was very very happy with them so thankyou so much!! Appreciate your help. Best Regards, Dwight.

8 June, 2009
Shilpi, India
Hi Petalbees, thanks a lot for your prompt and sincere service.

8 June, 2009
Shila, Kuala Lumpur
Good morning Candice, Tq very much for the great job...appreciate it very much...

2 June, 2009
Machbub, Ireland
Hi Candice,
my wife so delighted,keep up the good work. product & service are brilliant. definitely will recommend to friend and family. 10/10. best of luck, Machbub. Ireland

26 May, 2009
William, Australia
Thanks for confirmation. I heard you had to make a detour to my friend's home instead. She said the flowers were really beautiful. I'm really pleased with the quality of your service and won't hesitate to make future orders with you. cheers, William

26 May, 2009
Norli, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you very much for your good cooperation..... Will look forward to continuing to work with you again..

25 May, 2009
Ahfizul, Kota Bahru
Thanks Candice...I will recommand to my friends about Petalbees.

17 May, 2009
Justin, US
Hello! Thank you for being so fast! I expected the flowers to be delivered Monday, but Sunday was even better! I happened to be online with her on Skype (free, live video chat) when the flowers arrived. I think I was more suprised than she was! Just kidding, she was floored! Her day started out perfecto thanks to you guys for the lovely flowers. I just wanted to say, it was hard picking out a good florist. I picked you guys because the message I wanted to write was a lot longer than most florists allow. I couldn't send her the message I wanted because most florists send these little cards that only allow a few words. You guys delivered the message using an entire card! Bravo! Quality work. That was the deciding factor for me. I hope her address wasn't too far away. Thanks again! Chow, Justin.

14 May, 2009
Joanne, Malaysia
Just dropping a BIG HUG and BIG THANKS to petalbees for the lovely flowers you sent to my mum on Mother's Day. The flowers were gorgeous. She was in tears when she received the flowers. This is the first year we sent flowers, we used to think that sending fresh flowers is a waste of money, however your beautiful flowers, happiness and smile on her face has changed our perception on sending flowers..all the sweet and touching moment is priceless...I know she can feel the love through the flowers and remember forever...Thank you again for your effort to create such a beautiful present for my mum and give all of us a memory that last long ....I wish Petalbees continue to prosperous and God bless be assured I will come back to you and promote your business to all my friends..

29 April, 2009
Shaaira, Ireland
Thank You very much for your great service. Will definitely be using and recommending your website to others in future. Thanks again. Shaaira.

02 April, 2009
Janice, Singapore
Candice, Thank you very much for the great service provided. Wish you all the best in your business. Thanks.

23 March, 2009
Sally Too, New York
Candice, Appreciated and impressed by your skilled and freshness of the flowers arrangement for my daughter's birthday. Shall have confident for future services with you. Blessed!

13 March, 2009
Nana, Kuala Lumpur
Candice, Thanks for the prompt delivery. My fiancé really2 excited and a bit embarrassed by the attention..hehehe! but still you did a good job! Thanks Candice for cheer up our days. I will recommend you to my friends as well. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your effort. J Sure will deal with you in the future. The best part is, you also have a good customer service skill. It is nice dealing with you. Thank you for your pleasant service. I will definitely call you again. Keep up the good work n wish you prosperity in your business. Best regards, Nana J .

03 March, 2009
Isnariah, Selangor
Candice Tan, Saya sekali lagi ucapkan terima kasih atas perkhidmatan yang telah pihak anda berikan. Ini merupakan kali pertama saya menggunakan perkhidmatan online untuk membeli atau menghantar kepada orang lain. Pada mulanya saya agak ragu-ragu untuk berurusan tetapi kerana minat dan niat saya yang mendalam untuk menghantar jambangan bunga kepada bekas pensyarah saya atas ulang tahun kelahirannya pada 2 Mac 2009 lalu, maka saya beranikan diri mencuba perkhidmatan ini. Memang ternyata perkhidmatan yang diberikan amat membanggakan dan saya sama sekali tidak menyangka ianya amat memuaskan hati saya. Bagi pihak penerima pula, ianya amat mengejutkan dan dia juga amat berbangga dengan perkhidmatan yang cukup memuaskan yang pihak anda berikan kerana terus sampai ke tangannya.

Saya rasa saya tidak ragu-ragu lagi untuk menggunakan perkhidmatan Petalbees sekiranya memerlukan di lain ketika. Saya juga akan berasa senang hati untuk mencadangkan kepada kawan-kawan atau lain-lain supaya menggunakan perkhidmatan anda.

Sekali lagi saya ucapkan terima kasih dan saya amat menghargai kerjasama yang diberikan terutama ketika saya terpaksa meminta pihak anda mengubah masa penghantaran tempohari. Teruskan perkhidmatan anda untuk memuaskan hati semua pelanggan dan menyampaikan rasa hati pengirim kepada penerima.
Ok. Jumpa lagi...

03 March, 2009
Penny, Hong Kong
Thank you for your great customer service. Candice, you are so skilled and creatived..I really love the way you arranged the flowers and gift basket for my daughter. She was so happy to receive them and everybody in the office can't stop prasing the beautiful arrangement. Candice, you are wonderful!

24 February, 2009
Bijal, Singapore
Thanks for the delivery. I am very impressed by the punctuality and the bouquet decoration. It was a good service. Again thank you very much.

14 February, 2009
David, Kuala Lumpur
Morning Candice, David here, thank you very much for putting your effort for the Valentine Flowers. My wife loves them very much. : )

14 February, 2009
Devendran, New York
I confirmed the flowers has been delivered and i appreciate your wonderful service. You made my valentine day and opportunity to show some love to my wife. Great Service. Thanks much. Regards Devendran

30 January, 2009
Cynthia, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much for accomodating my request in short notice. The flowers are pretty. I appreciated it. Thank you again. God bless.

3 January, 2009
Peter Duncan, UK
Thank you very much Candice, that was a very nice touch. Looking forward to entrusting you with any future deliveries.
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