Why Flowers?

According to research conducted in Rutgers by Jeannette Haviland-Jones Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers and lead researcher on the study :

  1. Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness
  2. Flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behaviour in postive manner far beyond what is normally believed
  3. Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Specifically, study reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.
  4. Flowers make intimate connections. The presence of flowers led to increase contact with family and friends.
  5. Living with flowers can provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm at work
  6. Expressed " true" or " excited" smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction is universal, occurring in all age groups
Flower Talk
Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are given for all occasions and for many reasons. Basically they are given to convey thoughtfulness and love or to express feelings which words are unable to convey. Individuals have their own special meanings attached to flowers. The following are some suggestions:


No of stalk of roses Meaning
A single bloom of red rose love at first sight or "I still love you"
2 roses mutual feelings
3 roses "I love you"
7 roses "I'm infatuated with you"
9 roses "We'll be together forever"
10 roses "You are perfect"
11 roses "You are My Treasured One"
12 roses "Be mine!"
13 roses "Friends forever"
15 roses "I'm truly sorry"
20 roses "I'm truly sincere towards you"
21 roses "I'm dedicated to you"
24 roses "Forever yours"
25 roses Congratulations
36 roses "Remembering our romantic times"
40 roses "My genuine love for you"
50 roses Unconditional love
99 roses "I will love you all the days of my life"
101 roses "I'm completely devoted to you"
108 roses "Will you marry me?"
999 roses "I love you till the end of time"


Flower Meaning
Acacia Concealed Love; Beauty in Retirement; Chaste Love
Ambrosia Your Love is Reciprocated
Amaryllis Pride; Pastoral Poetry
Amaryllis/Hippeastrum I am proud of you; pride
Anemone Forsaken
Anemone/Mona Lisa I don't want to lose you
Anthurium, Red You work to get where you are
Anthurium, White Think of me
Arbutus Thee Only Do I Love
Aster Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Aster China Variety is the spice of life
Azalea Take Care of Yourself for Me; Temperance; Fragile Passion; Chinese Symbol of Womanhood
Bachelor Button Single Blessedness
Begonia Beware
Bells Of Ireland Good Luck
Bellflower / Campanula Gratitude
Bird of Paradise Flower Freedom, Good perspective
Bittersweet Truth
Butterfly Orchid You are always on my mind
Bluebell Humility
Cactus Endurance
Camellia, Pink Longing for you
Camellia, Red You're a Flame in My Heart
Camellia, White You're Adorable
Carnation, General Fascination; Woman Love
Carnation, Pink I'll Never Forget You; Motherly love
Carnation, Red My Heart Aches For You; Admiration; I hold you in high esteem; respect
Carnation, Purple Capriciousness
Carnation, Solid Color Yes
Carnation, Striped No; Refusal; Sorry I Can't Be With You; Wish I Could Be With You
Carnation, White Sweet and Lovely; Innocence; Pure Love; Woman's Good Luck Gift
Carnation, Yellow You Have Disappointed Me; Rejection; Enjoy the moment
Cattail Peace; Prosperity
Celosia Fortune
Chrysanthemum, General You're a Wonderful Friend; Cheerfulness and Rest
Chrysanthemum, White Truth
Chrysanthemum, Yellow Slighted Love
Crocus Cheerfulness
Cyclamen Don't lose faith in me
Cypress Mourning
Cyclamen Resignation and Good-bye
Daffodil Regard; Unrequited Love; You're the Only One; The Sun is Always Shining when I'm with You
Daffodil Narcissus You are an angel
Dahlia Fickleness
Daisy Innocence; Loyal Love; I'll Never Tell; Purity
Daisy, Garden I share your sentiment
Daisy, Red Joy
Daisy, White Innocence; truth
Daisy, Yellow I will try hard to earn your love
Dandelion Faithfulness; Happiness
FERN Magic; Fascination; Confidence and Shelter
FIR Time
FLAX Domestic Symbol
Flowering Cabbage Prosperity
Foget-Me-Not True Love; Memories Forsythia Anticipation
Forget Me Not True love
Gardenia You're Lovely; Secret Love
Geranium Stupidity; Folly
Gerbera You are the sunshine of my life
Ginger, Pink Diversity
Ginger, Red Unlimited Wealth
Gladioli Give Me a Break; I'm Really Sincere; Flower of the Gladiators
Gladiolus / Sword Lily Strength of Character
Gloxinia Love at First Sight
Heather, Lavender Admiration; Solitude
Heather, White Protection; Wishes Will Come True
Helenium I miss you very much
Heliconia Great returns
Holly Defense; Domestic Happiness
Hyacinth, General Games and Sports; Rashness; Flower Dedicated to Apollo
Hyacinth, Blue Constancy; Predictability; reliable
Hyacinth, Purple I am Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Sorrow
Hyacinth, Red Or Pink Play
Hyacinth, White Loveliness; I'll Pray for You; Subtle and graceful
Hyacinth, Yellow Jealousy
Hyacinthus, Pink Active; energetic
Hydrangea Thank You for Understanding; Frigidity; Heartlessness; Arrogance; aloofness
Iris Fleur-de-lis; Emblem of France; Your Friendship Means so Much to Me; Faith; Hope; Wisdom and Valor; My Compliments; Passion
Ivy Wedded Love; Fidelity; Friendship; Affection; Friendship; fidelity; marriage
Jasmine Amiability
Jonquil Love Me; Affection Returned; Desire; Sympathy; Desire for Affection Returned
Larkspur, White Joyful; happy-go-lucky
Larkspur, Pink Fickleness
Larkspur, Purple Sweet disposition
Lilac Field Humility
Lilac, Purple You are my first love
Lilac, White You are so pure and innocent
Lily of the Valley Return of happiness
Lily, Calla Your voice is music to my ears
Lily, Casablanca I am in heaven when I'm with you
Lily, Pink Romantic
Lily, Stargazer I see heaven in your eyes
Lily, Yellow Live for the moment; nothing is forever; I'm Walking on Air; False and Gay
Lily, White Virginity; Purity; Majesty; It's Heavenly to be with You My love is pure and innocent
Lily, Calla Beauty
Lily, Day Coquetry; Chinese Emblem for Mother
Lily, Eucharis Maiden Charms
Lily, Tiger Wealth; Pride
Lily Of The Valley Sweetness; Tears of the Virgin Mary; Return to Happiness; Humility; You've Made My Life Complete
Magnolia Nobility
Marigold Cruelty; Grief; Jealousy
Mistletoe Kiss me; Affection; To Surmount Difficulties; Sacred Plant of India
Monkshood Beware; A Deadly Foe is Near
Moss Maternal Love; Charity
Myrtle Love; Hebrew Emblem of Marriage
Narcissus Egotism; Formality; Stay as Sweet as You Are
Nasturtium Conquest; Victory in Battle
Oleander Caution
Orange Blossom Innocence; Eternal Love; Marriage and Fruitfulness
Orange Mock Deceit
Orchid Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady; Chinese Symbol for Many Children
Orchid, Cattleya Mature Charm
Paeonia Bashful
Palm leaves Victory and Success
Peony Shame; Happy Life; Happy Marriage
Petunia Resentment; Anger; Your Presence Sooths Me
Phlox A good partnership; harmony
Pine Hope; Pity
Poppy, Oriental Silence is golden
Poppy, Red Consolation; Pleasure
Poppy, Scarlet Extravagance
Poppy, White Tranquility; Consolation
Poppy, General Eternal Sleep; Oblivion; Imagination
Poppy, Yellow Wealth; Success
Primrose I Can't Live Without You
Primrose, Evening Inconstancy
Ranunculus You are very attractive
Rose, Black You are my obsession
Rose, Champagne You are tender & loving
Rose, Leonidas Sweet love
Rose, Nicole You are graceful & elegant; aristocratic
Rose, Orange You are my secret love
Rose, Pink Brilliant Complexion; the glow of your smile; Perfect Happiness; Please Believe Me
Rose, Red Passionate love; Love; I Love You
Rose, Single Stems Simplicity
Rose, White I am worthy of you; spiritual love; Innocence and Purity;
I am Worthy of You; You're Heavenly; Secrecy and Silence
Rose, White & Red We are not separable; unity
Rose, White & Red Mixed Unity; Flower Emblem of England
Rose, White-Dried Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue
Rose, Yellow I am not worthy of your love; Decrease of Love; Jealousy; Try to Care
Rose, Bridal Happy Love
Rose, Dark Crimson Mourning
Rose, Hibiscus Delicate Beauty
Rose, Leaf You May Hope
Rose, Tea I'll Remember Always
Rose, Thornless Love at First Sight
Roses, Bouquet of Mature Blooms Gratitude
Roses, Single Full Bloom I Love You; I Still Love You
Rosebud Beauty and Youth; A Heart Innocent of Love
Rosebud, Red Pure and Lovely
Rosebud, White Girlhood
Rosebud, Moss Confessions of Love
Scabiosa Admiration
Scilla Forgive & forget
Snapdragon Please don't misunderstand
Snowball/Viburnum Commitment
Spider Flower Elope with Me
Stock Lasting beauty
Sunflower Adoration
Sweet Pea Delicate pleasures
Smilax Loveliness
Snapdragon Deception; Gracious Lady
Stephanotis Happiness in Marriage; Desire to Travel
Stock Bonds of Affection; Promptness; You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me
Sweetpea Good-bye; Departure; Blissful Pleasure; Thank You for a Lovely Time
Tulip, Cream I will love you forever
Tulip, Red Declaration of love; Believe Me; Declaration of Love
Tulip, Yellow I am hopelessly in love; There's Sunshine in Your Smile
Tulip, General Perfect Lover; Frame; Flower Emblem of Holland
Tulip, Variegated Beautiful Eyes
Veronica Fidelity
Violet Modesty
Violet, Blue Watchfulness; Faithfulness; I'll Always Be True
Violet, White Let's Take a Chance
Waratah Prosperity
Willow Bravery & humanity Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends
Zinnia, Magenta Lasting Affection
Zinnia, Mixed Thinking (or In Memory) of an Absent Friend
Zinnia, Scarlet Constancy
Zinnia, White Goodness
Zinnia, Yellow Daily Remembrance


Flower Tip/Care

Tips for Fresh Bouquet & Floral Arrangement Most floral foam is used on floral arrangement , just make sure it has plenty of clear & fresh water. Place your arrangement in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Do you know that flowers go on living after they are cut & if you follow our tips they will last ever longer.

Top Tips For Cut Flower Care
The Flowers & Plants Association recommends the following simple tips, based on the latest extensive scientific research, to ensure that your flowers last longer and look lovelier:

  • Make sure vases are very clean.
  • Change the water in the flower vase every day
  • Use fresh lukewarm water with commercial cut flower food added.
  • Strip all leaves below the water level.
  • Take at least 3cm (1") off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife or very sharp scissors.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, TV set, heat, or draughts which can shorten flowers' lives.
  • Remove all leaves which will be below water line. This prevents the leaves from decaying and keeps the water cleaner and the stem free flowing.
  • Add the right amount of fresh flower food to water. Fresh flower food hydrates and nourishes flowers.
  • Flowers such as roses, sunflowers, tulips, cut an inch at the end of the flower stem every day.
  • Keep flowers away from fruit and remove faded flowers as they occur.
  • Top up the water regularly and add flower food in proportion.
  • After purchase do not allow the flowers to remain out of water too long. ( If travelling with your flower for a long time could wrap the ends of the flowers with wet tissue)

Birth Flower
Do you know that every birth month has its birth flower/flowers and colours with specific meaning? Find out what is your birth flower and what does it mean! 

January Birth Flower(s): Carnation or Snowdrop
Colour(s): Red, Pink, White
Meanings: Affection, Deep Love, Distinction, Happiness,Fascination, and Lasting Fidelity
Febuary Birth Flower(s): Violet or Iris
Colour(s): Violet, Purple
Meanings: Faithfulness, Purity, and Modesty
March Birth Flower(s): Daffodil or Jonquil
Colour(s): Yellow
Meanings: Affection, Cheerfulness, Desire, Grants Wishes, New Beginnings, Respect, and Sympathy.
April Birth Flower(s): Daisy or Sweet Pea
Colour(s): Pink or Purple
Meanings: Blissful, Curious, Delicate, Departure, Lasting Pleasures, Playful, and Tenacious
May Birth Flower(s): Lily of the Valley
Colour(s): White
Meanings: Complete Life, Humility, Return of Happiness, and Sweetness
June Birth Flower(s): Rose or Honeysuckle
Colour(s): Red, White, Pink, Yellow
Meanings: Happy, Friendship, Love, Strong, and Beautiful
July Birth Flower(s): Larkspur or Tulip or Water Lily
Colour(s): Pink, Purple
Meanings: Good Luck, Laughter, Levity, Lightness, and Open Heart
August Birth Flower(s): Gladiolus or Poppy
Colour(s): Various
Meanings: Beauty, Strength of Character, Love, Marriage, and Family
September Birth Flower(s): Aster or Morning Glory
Colour(s): Various, Pink, Purple
Meaning: Devotion, Daintiness, Filled with Light, Life and Joy, and Symbol of Love
October Birth Flower(s): Calendula or Marigold or Cosmos
Colour(s): Orange
Meaning: Contentment, Excellence, Loveliness, Good Luck, Grace, Gratitude, Joy, Love of Nature, Comfort, and True Love
November Birth Flower(s): Chrysanthemum
Colour(s): Various
Meaning: Compassion, Cheerfulness, Friendship, Sensitivity, and Secret Love
December Birth Flower(s): Holly or Poinsettia or Narcissus or Orchid
Colour(s): White
Meaning: Reassurance, Celebration, Success, and Wealth



While every flower has a wonderful story to tell, the rose stands alone in its abundant history and color meaning. So much so that we couldn’t resist giving it a little preferential treatment and dedicating a separate space to its rich symbolism.

Used for hundreds of years to convey messages without words, roses have long been a symbol of confidentiality - the Latin expression sub rosa (literally "under the rose") means something told in secret.

Regardless of color, their unique beauty and subtle fragrance convey a message guaranteed to elicit delight from the recipient and envy from others. If you’re looking for a way to add a little extra sentiment to your silent message of affection, we’ve put together a list of the meanings associated with the different colors of roses.



There’s nothing secret about the red rose’s symbolism of love. Valentine’s Day would hardly exist without this bold and dramatic bloom. The ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion, the red roses also conveys respect and the creative spirit of love. Representing true love stronger than thorns, the red rose is known universally as the lover’s rose.



Representing, humility, purity and innocence, the white rose - often referred to as the bridal rose - is associated with young love. Also symbolizing truth and reverence, it sends a message of loyalty and says "I am worthy of you."



While in Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, today it represents friendship, joy and caring. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection.



Symbolizing gentility, femininity, elegance and refinement, the pink rose also carries additional meanings depending on its hue. A deep pink conveys gratitude and appreciation, while pale shades connote grace and gentleness, admiration and happiness.



With their warm, vibrant tones, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. If you’re looking for a way to express admiration and attraction - with an underlying message of passion and excitement - then send a bouquet filled with these fiery blooms.



Thought to be almost mystical in nature, with symbolism tied to enchantment, desire and even proceeding cautiously, it’s not surprising that lilac and purple roses send a message of love at first sight, A great Valentine flower.



In some instances - usually when mixing red with another color rose - you can send additional messages with your choice of bouquet. For example, a combination of red and yellow roses conveys gaiety and happiness, while a mix of red and white roses symbolizes unity.





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